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The FCIS Development Guidelines for 2023-2027 have been presented

The FCIS Development Guidelines for 2023-2027 have been presented

The Financial Crimes Investigation Service (FCIS), on the occasion of the 26th anniversary of its establishment, has set out its objectives for the next five years - proactive action, expertise and leadership in the areas of its competence. The roadmap for these objectives was presented today to law enforcement partners and the FCIS community.

"The recently formed new leadership of the FCIS has ambitious goals. After assessing the potential of the FCIS, we have worked together with all the leaders to develop the objectives and the directions we will take to achieve them. Our vision is a modern, up-to-date law enforcement institution with advanced technical equipment and qualified and motivated staff, which is trusted by the citizens and partners of the country, and which complies with international standards," says Rolandas Kiškis, Director of the FCIS.

He said that the new operational objectives will allow the Service to fulfil its mission of protecting the state's financial system even more efficiently.

6 operational benchmarks have been established

The first guideline is risk and threat analysis. The ambitious objective is to take an innovative, systematic, structured and targeted approach to financial crime. The objective is to establish a monitoring system for the identification of threats to the financial system and the assessment of indicators, which will provide a basis for proactive prevention, comprehensive investigations and criminal intelligence targeting financial crimes that cause the greatest damage to the country's economy and business areas and sectors.

The second guideline is effective, proactive criminal intelligence. The aim will be to conduct targeted, risk-based criminal intelligence, making full use of the information available internally and from partners. Innovative information gathering techniques will support proactive criminal intelligence.

The third guideline is the "Valley of Experts". A centre/workshop is planned to provide a unique opportunity for innovative, distinctive, systematic training for the exchange of knowledge, innovation and excellence.

The fourth guideline focuses on asset recovery. One of the functions assigned to the FCIS is the confiscation of civil assets through asset investigations. The intention is to carry out this function through non-criminal means, undermining the economic potential of those who commit crime and reinforcing the public perception that "crime does not pay".

The fifth guideline is a modern, innovative, progressive and motivated organisation. A strong emphasis will be placed on the introduction of the latest technologies and the development of staff competences.

The sixth guideline is cooperation in Lithuania and worldwide. Cooperation with partners is of utmost importance and it is intended to strengthen existing links and develop new ones, both within the international network of partners and with institutions in Lithuania. The FCIS is a reliable organisation, recognised and valued by partners.

This operational strategy is to be implemented in the period of 2023-2027.

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